PremiDoor, the lift/sliding door from KÖMMERLING, lets you design very large openings, e.g. for the garden and terrace, just as you want for the maximum light. Living rooms can therefore open up into the garden, and terraces become living rooms. PremiDoor from KÖMMERLING is a genuine premium product. It has a captivating slim design, timeless character, and technical features including the best values in thermal and sound insulation, stability, weathertightness, and, of course, reliability and ease of operation.


Based on structural glazing technology The future of the modern window has begun. GlassWin is a 70 mm windows used in the production of innovative uPVC windows.
This system features a bond between the pane and the frame structure, a technology known from frame construction.

AluFusion System

AluFusion is a new type of window and residential doors with 70 mm construction depth whose predominant property lies in the union of aluminium and uPVC. Besides the familiar functions of an aluminium cover, the special features of AluFusion include in addition the sliding connection between the functional aluminium and uPVC sash profiles and the absent glazing bead.


The new KÖMMERLING PremiLine sliding doors and windows is the further development of the KÖMMERLING slidings. Its captivating attributes are its smooth and quiet running. The many ingenious technical solutions have given rise to a long-lived, reliable and above all comfortable sliding doors.

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